Tom Jackson : / Country Music Artist 

Tom is an avid outdoorsman, and when not on the stage, he is in the woods or fishing in a near by lake or on the ocean fishing for anything that bites. He loves to share his love for the outdoors with family and friends and his best friend, his wife Danielle. They both are responsible bow hunters and proudly shoot archery. 

Tom has been on outdoors shows such as "Red Arrow TV", "Savage Outdoors", "Reel Adventures" and had one of his songs on "FOX" new drama series "Human Target". Tom is a "Red Arrow" with Huntin' Is Good and a great ambassador to the outdoors. Tom was one of the country music artists in the 2011 Field & Stream T.O.C. Challenge in Nashville TN. When not on the road, you can find him in the woods in a stand.